October 13, 2014, Ninoy Aquino International Airport – Contrary to concerns raised by NGOs and OFW groups over the impending integration of the International Passenger Service Charge (IPSC) into the cost of airline ticket, the MIAA fully recognizes the law that exempts OFWs from payment of airport fees, subject to presentation of proof of entitlement. That is why a refund mechanism was established for exempted passengers who will buy their tickets either abroad or online.

There is no cause for concern over what has been repeatedly aired by those opposing the integration as figures would tell that there is only a few number of OFWs and others who are exempted that would have to line up for refund.

The public will better appreciate the great benefit that the integration brings to passengers departing from NAIA.

Before integration, all of them will line up, either to pay or validate their exemption certificates:

Total number of departing passengers for the year 2013: 7,671,643M 

Total number of passengers who paid terminal fee  :                     5,621,540M

Total number of exempted passengers                       :                     2,050,103M

OFWs               - 1,975,695

Athletes           -       3,806

Pilgrims           -       5,892

Others             -     64,710

After integration, there will be a drastic reduction of people who will line up for refund given the following:

Total number of departing passengers who

will not line up to pay terminal fee                   :                       5,621,540M

Estimated number of exempted passengers who

will buy their tickets locally and will not line up :                      1,852,534M

Estimated number of exempted passengers who

will buy their tickets online or abroad and will

line up for refund                                                :                           197,569

The 197,569 passengers expected to buy their tickets online or abroad may not even have to line up because according to the POEA, in most cases, the OFW does not pay for the airfare as it is a condition in the employment contract that tickets should be for the account of the foreign employers. Thus, the terminal fee which has been incorporated in the airfare can only be refunded by the foreign employer.

The refund process has no expiration period. It can be done prior to departure at the refund counters in the Terminals or upon return to the Philippines or through a representative to be processed at the MIAA Administration Building, subject to presentation of OEC or exemption certificate.