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International Passenger Service Charge Integration


NAIA Flight Operations During the Papal Visit

"We are open to flight operations on the arrival and departure days of His Holiness Pope Francis but operations will be subject to certain limitations," said Jose Angel Honrado, MIAA General Manager.

The major roads around the NAIA complex will be closed to vehicular traffic on the following days.

Date Closure Hours Road Closure
ARRIVAL DAY January 15, 2015 3PM – 7PM Sales Avenue – >Andrews Avenue –> Domestic Road
DEPARTURE DAY January 19, 2015 7AM – 10AM Sales Avenue – >Andrews Avenue –> Domestic Road


With the closure, NAIA can only be accessed through South Superhighway, Bicutan, Sucat and Alabang roads. NAIA Terminals 3 and 4 will be isolated as a result.

Given these constraints, the airport chief sought the suggestion of the airline companies since the expected impact of the closure will be on their operations. A series of consultative meetings with local and foreign air carriers were held where the body agreed to suspend arrival of flights in the following manner:

Date Road Closure Hours No Arrival Hours
ARRIVAL DAY January 15, 2015 3PM – 7PM 2PM - 7PM
DEPARTURE DAY January 19, 2015 7AM – 10AM 6AM - 10:30AM


Departure operations will however proceed for those flights with the corresponding aircraft on ground before the effectivity of the road closures.

Also present during the consultative meetings were DOTC, CIAC, CAB, CAAP, PNP, Immigration, Customs, OTS and the MMDA.

"We shall be providing shuttle buses to transport departing passengers with flights in NAIA Terminals 3 and 4 because these Terminals will be completely inaccessible from the usual routes. Meanwhile, NAIA Terminals 1 and 2 can be reached via Bicutan, Sucat, Alabang through Ninoy Aquino Avenue," Honrado explained.

The MIAA will use Parking B in NAIA Terminal 1 as staging area for passengers. From this point, the shuttle buses will bring the passengers to NAIA Terminals 3 and 4 via the Airside road network.

Before the road closure hours, NAIA Terminal 3 departure and arrival lobbies will be closed to non-passengers. MIAA highly encourages the "drop and go" system to give wellwishers and those picking up passengers ample time to leave Terminal 3 and not get caught in there when the road closure begins.

MIAA encourages airline passengers who have flights in January 15 and 19, 2015, to contact their airlines or their travel agency to discuss their revised flight schedules. During the consultative meeting, the Civil Aeronautics Board assured the airlines that they cannot be held liable for any delay or cancellation of flights because the situation is beyond their control. The MIAA also urges those with flights departing on these days to come much earlier to the NAIA so they can reach their respective Terminals before road closure hours.


October 07, 2014, NAIA, Pasay City – “Ang tunay na batayan ay hindi kung magkano o ano ang ibinalik, ang importante ay ibinalik ang hindi sa kanya” said Jose Angel Honrado, General Manager of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA).

Mr Leonilo V Rosales, Building Attendant – ICOD

Turned-over a left behind iPhone 5S which he found at the ICT area on 11 August 2014 which was subsequently returned to its rightful owner, Ms. Ysa Lou Bacatan, a PAL client.


Mr  Winston Mark Dela Cruz, PCR-D’Frada (NAIA – T1)

Turned-over a left behind Airmail letter envelope containing U$132.00  which he found at the Arrival curbside area of NAIA Terminal 1 on 27 August 2014.


Engr Herman A Tanfeliz, MIAA-ECD T3

Engr Braylyn   Barraca, LBP ECD-T3

Mr Danilo S Duque, LBP ECD-T3

Mr Ronald F Sangoyo, LBP ECD-T3

Mr Jake M  Molina, LBP ECD-T3

Mr Alexander P Fresnillo, LBP ECD-T3

For their cooperation in the successful surveillance that established and identified the person responsible for the reported lost of several x-ray monitors in different areas of the terminal and subsequently led to the arrest of the suspect Mr Ronald Marinas on 12 June 2014 at the NAIA Terminal 3.


However, based on the report from the OIC, T3-PD, only the first 3 personnel were mentioned that have direct participation on the said incident.


Ms Elena A Omadto, Building Attendant, NAIA T4

Turned-over a left behind iPhone mobile with charger which she found at the Pre-departure area of NAIA Terminal 4.


Ms Melegin M Aguilar, Building Attendant-T3

Turned-over a red shoulder bag containing coin purse with cash, Galaxy Ace, Nokia and Cherry mobile and other personal items which he found at the Gate 5 on 12 June 2014.


APO3 Angelito P Ramos

APO2 Cristina S Sangoyo

APO1 Dante N Delos Santos

Airport Police Department

For their diligence to duties and responsibilities as Airport Police Officers that led to the recovery of a lost laptop owned by a certain Mr. Choi Byoung Jae, who commended the above named personnel through Passenger Feedback Form at the NAIA Terminal 1 on 23 August 2014


APO1 Pablito R Morales

APO1 Quintin N Balantac

Airport Police Department

For their diligence to duties and responsibilities as Airport Police Officers that led to the recovery of a lost Nikon Camera on 29 July 2014 at the NAIA Terminal 2.


Ms Corazon D Alejandrino, Building Attendant-T3

Turned-over a black Samsung Galaxy which she found at the North Departure area of NAIA Terminal 3 on 2 June 2014.


Ms Carinese Y Bacungan, Building Attendant-T3

Turned-over a small Hello Kitty bag containing a silver iPad and brown wallet with assorted cards which she found at the Arrival lobby of NAIA T3 on 10 June 2014.


Mr Roel B Casumpang, Building Attendant-T3

Turned-over a Hickok black wallet containing cash with an estimated amount of Php14,640.00 and assorted ID’s which he found at the North departure of NAIA T3 on 2 June 2014.


Mr Leo A Engay, Building Attendant-T3

Turned-over a gray travelling bag containing personal items, wallet with assorted receipts, cards and keys which he found on a gang chair at the Departure area of NAIA T3 on 29 June 2014.


Mr Jay P Esteve, Building Attendant-T3

Turned-over an iPad which he found at the  NAIA T3 on 23 June 2014.


Ms Remalyn B Fabro, Building Attendant-T3

Turned-over an LG mobile phone which she found at the North departure area of NAIA T3 on 30 June 2014.


Ms Filipina G Gutierrez, Building Attendant-T3

Turned-over a black camera bag containing a Canon camera A650 with a battery on 8 June 2014 and a blue wallet containing cash amounting to Php3,687.05, 100,000 Rupiah and 100 Dollar bill which she found at the NAIA T3 on 30 June 2014.


Ms Belly Jane D Hermosura, Building Attendant-T3

Turned-over a black pouch containing a Samsung GT-E1200 and other personal items which she found at the Gate 116 of NAIA T3 on 20 June 2014.


Mr Marlon M Javier, Building Attendants-T3

Turned-over a brown wallet containing 38,000 WON and assorted cards and pictures which he found at the North Departure of NAIA T3 on 7 June 2014.


Mr Rupert L Mampusti Jr., Building Attendant-T3

Turned-over a black wallet containing Php6,000.00 and other personal items which he found at the NAIA T3 on 14 June 2014.


Ms Jocelyn M Marasigan, Building Attendant-T3

      • Turned-over a passport owned by a certain Felicia Kristandy which she found at the North Arrival of NAIA T3 on 10 June 2014.
      • Turned-over an SKK mobile phone and Php1,100.00 pesos which she found at the North Arrival of NAIA T3 on 14 June 2014.


Ms. Gloria A Miranda, Building Attendant-T3

Turned-over a black Patriot bag with wallet containing cash amounting to Php1,681.75, U$40.00, 9.45 Singapore Dollar, 1 pc. Silver necklace and assorted cards and ID’s, which she found at the South Arrival of NAIA T3 on 6 June 2014.


Mr Renato R Pacla, Building Attendant-T3

Turned-over  a Nokia and Blackberry mobile phone which he found at the North Arrival of NAIA T3 on 27 June 2014.


Ms Rosalita E Pugado, Building Attendant-T3

Turned-over a black Logic laptop bag containg one (1) Aspire1 laptop which she found at the North Arrival of NAIA T3 on 30 June 2014.


Ms Elnar B Quinto, Building Attendant-T3

Turned-over an ID and cash which she found at the Pre-departure Gate of NAIA T3 on 24 June 2014.


Ms Virginia O Ramirez, Building Attendant-T3

Turned-over an iPad which she found at the Arrival Curbside of NAIA T3 on 11 June 2014.


Ms Loida F Villablanca, Building Attendant-T3

Turned-over a Holy bible, assorted pics and cash amounting to 25,000 WON which she found at the Island B of NAIA T3 on 29 June 2014.


Ms Jojeth J Villaluna, Building Attendant-T3

Turned-over a Samsung mobile phone which she found at the South Mezzanine of NAIA T3 on 18 June 2014.

Terminal 3 is Home to 5 More Foreign Airlines

July 31, 2014, Manila International Airport Authority – MIAA General Manager expressed elation over the forthcoming transfer of five (5) foreign airlines to the NAIA Terminal 3.

As a prelude to their official transfer to NAIA Terminal 3 (NT3) on August 1, 2014, two flights of Delta Airlines are set to arrive tonight in NT3.

“Passengers of Delta Airlines flights DL 629 and DL473 with an estimated arrival time of 2105H and 2145H, respectively, will be deplaning from Terminal 3. We are excited to welcome these passengers as they take their first step on this new Terminal,” Honrado said.

Following Delta Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is set to move in to Terminal 3 on August 4, followed by Emirates Airlines on August 15.  On the 1st of September, Singapore Airlines will also begin operating their flights in and out of Terminal 3.  To complete the list, Cathay Pacific is expected to move in by second week of September.

“We thank these airlines for heeding our call to use Terminal 3 for their operations. Their cooperation plays a vital role for us to achieve our desire to decongest Terminal 1 by some 3 million passengers annually,” Honrado stated.

“All’s well that ends well.  Finally, Terminal 3 finally opens its doors to the world,” Honrado gladly stated.

In closing, Honrado urged relatives, friends and well-wishers of passengers arriving and departing on these airlines to take note of the transfer dates to avoid confusion.

The flight information offices of Terminals 1 and 3 may be reached at 877.1109 local 2852 or 765 and 877.7888 local 8144, respectively.  Inquiries pertaining to the arrival and departure flights of the five (5) airlines may be directed to these numbers.

MIAA Runs After “Kalabit Pahingi”

NAIA, Pasay City, June 18, 2014 – The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) in its continuous thrust to make the NAIA Complex safe and secured for travelers, launch an intensified campaign against KALABIT PAHINGI operating in the NAIA Complex.

“Since June 2 to 16, our elite team from the Light Reaction Section (LRS) of the Airport Police Department (APD) apprehended a total of eighty five (85) individuals preying mostly on travelers and wellwishers in the Terminal parking lots, greeters area and major thoroughfares leading to NAIA”, said Jose Angel Honrado, MIAA General Manager.

APD Chief, Jesus Gordon Descanzo on May 30 crafted an implan and engaged the LRS to neutralize and address the increasing number of KALABIT PAHINGI members and other illegal elements who find their way into the airport complex. Those apprehended were brought to the APD headquarters for character verification and recording. Minors were turned over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development while adults were turned over to their baranggay heads according to Descanzo.

One KALABIT PAHIHGI identified as Maricel Dela Cruz Laraya was inquested by the Pasay City Prosecutors Office for violation of Article 287 paragraph 2 of the Revised Penal Code, after she kicked, badmouthed and spat on the face of SG Jaymar Delima y Intia of Advance Security Services after the latter prevented the subject from entering Parking A of NAIA Terminal 1.

The intensified campaign against these elusive elements aims to address complaints from airport users who have been victims of their solicitation techniques and “quick click” modus.

Terminal Fee in Airline Ticket in Last Quarter of 2014


June 12, 2014, NAIA, Pasay City – “It was not easy but everything was worth the wait,” said Jose Angel Honrado, General Manager of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA).

The MIAA just concluded talks with air carriers plying international routes for the integration of the P550.00 International Passenger Service Charge (IPSC) or better known as terminal fee, into the price of airline ticketsbeginning October 1, 2014. 

The integration will be implemented simultaneously by all airlines and shall also cover passengers transiting Manila to any destination point. The entire process will go through a transition period and is expected to be fully implemented by October 2015, when all tickets purchased/issued prior to October 1, 2014 shall have been flown.

Under the scheme, Honrado explained that the services of the air carriers will be engaged in the collection of the IPSC through its inclusion in the airline ticket.  The integration will be by default for tickets purchased online or from ticketing offices and travel agents. Integration will be upon booking or ticket purchase, whether purchased in the Philippines or abroad.

The scheme shall also recognize and honor all exemptions mandated by law, such as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), Muslim pilgrims and national athletes endorsed by the Philippine Sports Commission. Children ages two years and below are also exempted from the IPSC.

In the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), OFWs comprise 25% of total departing passengers or 99% of total exempted passengers while 1% pertain to Muslim pilgrims and national athletes.

For those exempted, no IPSC will be collected upon presentation and surrender of the exemption certificate, for tickets purchased from ticketing offices/travel agents within the Philippines.  However, if bought online or from ticketing offices/travel agents outside the Philippines, the IPSC shall be refunded in Manila upon presentation of a proof of entitlement.

Considered proof of entitlement shall be the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) in the case of OFWs and a MIAA Exemption Certificate for athletes and others. Refund locations will be after immigrations in all NAIA Terminals or at the MIAA Administration office.

Within the month, the MIAA is expected to sign the Memorandum of Agreement with the air carriers.

The MIAA collects an average of 8.36 million pesos per day in international terminal fees.  For the year 2013, the agency collected a gross of 3..052 billion pesos in international terminal fees with a net share of 1.932 billion.

A total of 7,671,643 international departing passengers passed through the country’s premier gateway in 2013.  Out of this figure, 2,054,494 were exempted from terminal fees.

MIAA Braces for Rainy Season


June 13, 2014, NAIA, Pasay City - Jose Angel Honrado, General Manager of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) convened theWeather Disturbance Management Committee (WDMC) following the onset of the rainy season. Honrado as Chairman of the WDMC exercises overall direction and control of procedures during crisis situation.

Included in the meeting are MIAA senior officials and Terminal Managers of NAIA Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 4 (NT1/NT2/NT3/NT4).During the meeting, Honrado specifically directed his Terminal Managers to immediately convene their respective Emergency Response Teams (ERT). “They are mandated under MIAA guidelines on severe and extreme weather disturbances to carry out emergency procedures in their areas of responsibility in accordance with the Airport Emergency Plan. Under the guidelines, the Terminal Manager is the ERT Chief”, Honrado explained.

As ERT Chief, the Terminal Manager takes command during Storm Signal No. 2-4 and/or under PAGASA’s yellow, orange and red alert conditions.

The ERT is composed of the following groups with corresponding responsibilities:

Evacuation Group – guides tenants in evacuation to a safe place and holding area.  It is led by the Terminal Safety, Operations and Public Affairs groups;

Medical & First Aid Group – renders immediate first aid assistance in case of injuries.  It is led by the Medical Division;

Security Group – secures the Terminal premises and and provides crowd control.  It is led by the Terminal Police Division;

Facilities Group – ensures that all facilities and equipment remains operational during severe weather conditions.

In the same meeting, the airport chief ordered the Terminal Managers to ensure that target completion dates are met for projects that could pose problems during the rainy season, if left unfinished or if delays are incurred.

“Like in NAIA Terminal 2, we have completed waterproofing works in the domestic portion. We have now moved to the international wing,” the airport chief further said.

Meanwhile, rehabilitation and completion works in other NAIA Terminals are proceeding as planned.


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